This magnificent waterfall crumples lamenting as loosened plait of hair of a beauty from summit to deep water receptacle at the cliff. Dispersed delicate driblets float in milieu as a cloud of dust. The rainbow created penetrating the driblet cloud by solar rays is extremely intriguing.

Duvili Falls can be reached by turning to right at 16th mile post in BFallsngala Village at Balangoda-Kalthota route and proceeding 4 km through the jungle. Another path that leads to the waterfall is Kalthota-Medabedda road that traces left to Ilukpelessa.

Out of the five dusty falls in Sri Lanka, Duvili Falls is pre-eminent. It is reported that a British proconsul who was hunting elephants has found this cascade. Folklore reveals that a prince lived in ancient history has ensconced his jewels in  a stone cavity at this fall when he was standing at the bay. Villagers carry a belief that in the deep water receptacle at the feet of the waterfall lives an eel a guised in golden earrings and a golden ash pumpkin. It is also said that “Katharagama deity” has brought Duvili falls into existence.

The root-cause of Duvili falls, which would count 40 m high, is Walave River. When visiting this waterfall which is located in a dense forest of slopes and precipices one must beware of wild elephants. A species of vipers called “Trimeresurus trigonocephalus” is abundant in this forest. Two tele-dramas namely “Wana Wadule Wasanthaya” and “Ganga Addara Kele” have been recorded based on this waterfall.

Bellangala area that encompasses the fall in denominated to be a preservative zone, as it is a rare herbal wild abundant in endemic herbs. As the first reserved lock of land of herbs in Sri Lanka, Department of Wildlife Conservation with the intercession of international fund on nature has designated a land of 300 acres as the forest reserve.

The splatter of muddy dusty driblets like a cloud in rainy season is like a gift from nature to withered tree victimized by dry weather. Species of butterflies and Ceylon spur fowls (a species of woodcock) can be involuntarily seen in this area. As an enchanting heritages of nature the jungle is dense with precious herbs like life-giver (species of Terminalia chebula), Sinu (Euphorbia tortilis), yellow myrobalan (Terminalia belerica), Emblic myrobaan (Phyllathus emblica), and large timber trees like Ebony (Diospyrus ebenum), Gammalu (Pterocarpus marsupius), and sandalwood (Santalum album). Villagers warn not to bath from the area around waterfall as it is dangerous.

By now, the area around Duvili falls is designated as a touristic zone by Balangoda Municipal Council under the guidance of Ministry of Tourism, Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council.

“So detail the origin of Walave located amid Uva and Sabaragamu climes

The rainbows stair in when the sun starts shine

The huge erect fall directed into circle and whirls

Stone entrance tells the tale of Duvili Falls; a work of Sadipura deity”.

(Folk Poem)

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