Alupola Waterfall is located in Alupola village that belongs to Alupola Grama Niladari Division in Wevalwaththa area. A rich stream of water emerges due to the conjugation of several small streamlets at a venue named “Kalugaldowa” at southern steep of Bambara gala that would measure 1047 m high in the range of Sri Pada Mountains. At peak of the fall the flow is fused with another brook named “Heendola” enhancing the alluring beauty of this waterfall.


Alupola waterfall runs about 84 m down to a stone surface along a gigantic rocky plain visible above Alupola village. Then it calmly flows down creating a cascade named “Halketiya” fall on its journey to Kalu River. Before the conjugation with Kalu River it friends with another rill called “Ravula Ela”.


Weather of this area, which is somewhat similar to climate temperature, is rather cold even in daytime. Thus, vicinity around the fall frequently remains damp and cold and this condition is more enhanced by the dewiness of the cascade. Higher region of the waterfall is home to endemic quadrupeds like pig, porcupine, deer, elk, endemic avifauna and other endemic serpents in Sri Lanka. The area below the fall becomes a residence of large water-leeches in rainy season. Even a fast drought cannot entirely dry up the moisture of this water treasure. At least a thin line of water would remain alive.


The rural usage indicates two ways of naming the village as “Alupola”. First is due to the habit of elephants to rest near the waterfall and second is due to the stone plain named “Alugalage” accumulated with a shower of ash located in the higher area of the fall. Hence, villagers tend to refer to this treasure trove as “Alupola Falls”.

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