Bakers Bend is one of the most beautiful and unique place to visit. Baker’s Bend  viewpoint situated in upper side of the Nonpareil Estate close to Belihuloya. It is a unique horse-shoe shaped bend located at the 23rd bend of the Nonpareil Estate Road leading from Belihuloya to Nagarak Banglow. To reach the Baker’s Bend, need to get  permission from the Nonpareil estate first.


How the place got its name has a story connected with a British governor called Samuel Baker who worked on much to create beautiful Nuwara Eliya. Samuel  Baker used to travel from the area where the bend is at present. One day the horse he rode slipped and fell off the cliff and the Governor survived. Grieved by the loss of his horse, the Governor built this bend in the shape of a horseshoe to commemorate his horse and travel companion.


This bend offers amazing views of the surrounding areas including Balathuduwa, Gommolikanda, Adarakanda mountain range from the left, southern plains, Samanala reservoir and Udawalawe reservoirs from the right, and Nagrak division and Horton Plains standing in lush green elegance from behind. Baker’s Bend stands at a height of approximately 5000 feet (1530 m) above sea level in the Ratnapura  district but the climate is similar to that of Nuwara Eliya.


There are two ways to get here. If you are coming from the Haputale side you have to come to Pabahinna and come about 500 meters from there. About 6 km along this road you will come across the Nanperial Village and the Nanperial Tea Factory. The other road is about 18 km from Balangoda on the Badulla road and you will come across a small town called Galagama. After passing it for about 500 meters you will come across a road called Nanperial on the left side. This is the road to Bakers Bend. About 12 km on Nanperial Road to Bakers Bend.

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