The rural village named “Batathota” is approximately 11 km away from Kuruvita town. Batathota Mountain is situated 700 m to the left side of this village. The gigantic cave that embodies the grace of this pastoral village naturally positioned facing Sri Pada would measure 50 m long, 22 m wide and 17 m high. More than 500 people can enter into this cave at once. Sunlight softly floods into the cavern in day time. There is always adequate ventilation inside, and the coolness of the air in this cave is ceaseless due to dampness.


This cavern is well exposed to Sri Pada which is visible in 2.5 air miles away, an 18 cubit long recumbent Buddha sculpture is exquisitely carved in an angel that the sacred foot of the statue poses to Sri Pada. The stone wall behind the sculpture contains cave-paintings of arahants move on clouds. These graffiti are considered to be belonged to the classic art culture of Polonnaruwa reign.


Buddha statue is a convincing evidence to prove the legendary arrival of Lord Buddha and arahants to this cave during ancient times. Among all the pilgrimapproaches to Sri Pada from Ratnapura town, Kuruvita-Erathna route is a main gateway. Evidently, King Maha Vijayabahu had also used this path to make the pilgrimage to sacred Sri Pada.


A relation of King Nishshankamalla, who took the 1st step to construct Len-vihara, had raped and killed a princess of royal harem in this cave over a misunderstanding. That princess who died in a great hatred has turned into a haunting ghost named Kantamari. It is revealed through a possession of the spirit that, from then onwards, she has haunted in the cave for 712 years and has killed everyone who came to renovate the place. Thereby, rituals have been conducted to make the place emancipated from that haunting spirit and to renovate the Len-vihara. A pond has been erected inside the cavern and an image of a frog has also been exquisitely carved in the middle of the pond.


Most of the historical factors have been shrouded due to present reconstruction projects. However, it can be sensed that this place is latent with an occult power. Batathota Lena is a miraculous place where lots of historical embodiments are significant including Capricorn pandol, image of Ananda Maithree thero, graffiti of arahants painted in Polonnaruwa reign, 18 cubit recumbent Buddha image, frescos of Devale erected in the cavern, Manduka Vila (the pond with the image of a frog), the ancient painting of Bumathu Goddess in Devale, sculpture of Lord Buddha that belongs to Gampola reign and the sacred Bo-tree.

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