As a tourist-niche, Belihuloya is a spring-head which enhances natural resources and climatic complexities. Especially, Samanala Wewa atmosphere is occasionally a vapory zone. It seems that Samanala Wewa forest which has an exhilarating and surprising atmosphere has been an archaeological nursery of local metal technology. Afforestation of pines in slops of mountains seems to have been created in a congenial way for tourists by nature.


The rural development niche located on top of a fascinating mount unfolds an elegant view of Samanala Wewa reservoir and vicinity around. Thereby Balangoda and adjacent areas seem as a tourist wet-ground. Involuntarily foreigners get amazed by experiencing the volatile atmosphere that would change in every second, as if here was a cloud of mist next moment it would transform into fairness of sunlight. Diversity of this volatile atmosphere creates the beatific wet-ground of local and foreign tourists; Belihuloya.


264 historically important centers that have been fallen under the reservoir when constructing Samanala Wewa tank were identified recently. Most of them are hubs of melting ore iron alias pyrites using wind-powered iron melting technology. As these things can surprise foreigners, Belihuloya would definitely become a promote Centre of tourism and a centre that would bring forth human resources in near future.


Another main reason for Belihuloya to become the very place that would be capable of gaining the attention of the entire world towards the aesthetic delight of nature is the fame that sprung up with the location of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, Belihuloya. This zone of tourism becomes sake of conditioning state of living and economy of regional residents.

Belihuloya town that is known as Galagama belongs to Imbulpe Divisional Secretariat in Balangoda and there are lots of important villages around Belihuloya like Silogama, Ihala Galagama, Karagasthalawa, Pambahinna, Muththettuwagama, Kumbalgama, Kinchigune, Olithenna, Puwakgahawela and Halpe. Belihuloya, full of historically and culturally important enticing places, waterfalls, and flamboyant ranges of mountains is located 625 m high from sea level.


The area name Belihuloya was popularized on account of Belihuloya rest house. Also the region becomes significant as the initial station of the short-cut that proceeds to Horton Place. The area name Belihuloya has become famous also due to recently initiated Samanala Wewa reservoir, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka and furnaces with old technology of melting iron and steel found within the area of Belihuloya.


The beautiful cascade that is created by Belihuloya River adjacent to Belihuloya rest-inn is also an important reason for this milieu to become a comely wet ground of local and foreign tourists. Belihuloya takes the shape of cornet by being encircled by a range of mountains arêtes that opens to Kalthota dale. The site of upper Bakers Falls, next Pahanthudawa Falls and thereafter Galagama Falls enhance the elegance of this area. Similarly, enumerate comely waterfalls have resorted in Belihuloya.

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