The historical terrain is located adjacent to Thalduwa area in Avissawella- Kegalle route. The temple which was erected by “Aritta Kee Wendu Perumal” in reign of Seethawaka Rajasinha, is dedicated to Shiva deity. Today it is known as Berendi Kovila and exquisitely done stone engravings and ruins can be seen in this holy place.


Seethawaka River compasses the fane from three directions. The stone bridge which would measure 4.6 m wide and 4.6 m long evidences the moat that was there only in west direction. It can be guessed that there might have been a stair case gradually ascends from the stone bridge to the fane. Ruins of smoothened stone spall and balustrades split around prove the fact.


The Hindu temple which is entirely made of boulder is rich with elegant engravings. Floor of the square chamber is outspread with stone titles. Monoliths, guard-stones, stone walls, pillars, lotus designs, capitals and petal designs can be sighted even today. One stone of the foundation contains with an engraving of a parrot. Folklore reveals that this fane was erected by King Rajasinha to do inflorescences for the goddess named “Mother Khali”.

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