Falls is created by Kuru River; a branch of Kalu River which annually carries the greatest load of water to the sea in Sri Lanka. One can reach this attractive cascade by travelling 4 km along Devipahala road, that is, to the right the Higgashena market place near the 86th mile post. Higgashena is just 1 km away from Kuruvita town along the Colombo-Ratnapura main route.


This magnificent waterfall is located in a small village called “Agalawaththa” that is surrounded by three Gramaseva Divisions namely Devipahala, Kiragala and North Eknaligoda which belong to Kuruvita Secretarial Division. This winsome waterfall would count 31 m. high. Kuru River which exquisitely creates Bopath Falls is born out of a fusion of multitude springs started from Samanala range of mountains dense with thick dark greenwood.


In 1860s a French traveler has discovered this fall, which takes the shape of a Bo-leaf. Long ago, even before that discovery, this cascade was famed as Kuruvita Falls among connoisseurs.


The sandy plain, which is appropriate for night camps, and scattered rocks here and there create the vicinity of Bopath Falls an attractive destination for the nature loving tourists to visit.


The land above the waterfall has a stone-reefed depth. The vicinity of the river is abundant in sloppy soil-edges. The highest rocky surface through which the water runs down is plentiful in Biotite Vairin rocks with quartz.

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