It is a cave temple located on a gigantic rocky plain in a mountain beside the Colombo-Kandy main route, just 12.5 km away from Mawanella town and from North direction of Bathalegala rock.

As a Brahmi epigraph that belongs to 2 B.C. century inscribed at the drip-ledge of the cave indicates the history of Danakirigala vihara that traces back to the age of B.C. epoch. It also mentioned that there was a hermitage of Bikkhus. In the era by
gone, hermitage was referred as “Waddamanaka Pabbatha” that belonged to Galboda Korale.

As the inscription documents this place of worship was erected by Levuke Disava
who worked for King Kirthi Sri Rajasinha in 1785 A.D. More information about this
sanctuary can be uncovered through both copper charters granted by King Rajasinha in 1747 and King Rajadhi Rajasinha who became the King after the King Rajasinha in 1787. Through the inspections done by Ven. Ellawala Medhananda thero, two caves with drip-ledges that were secret to the world unto the discovery have been explored in vicinity.

The Makara portico made of timber that belongs to this temple embodies the art style of Mahanuwara reign. Unto now the lumber arch has been handed over to the Department of National Museum in Colombo by Ven. Madovita Pagngnananda thero; chief incumbent of Ussapitiya Anandarama vihara.

The complete height of Makara Portico is 12.9 m and it would count 7.5 m wide. Head of the arch is elaborated with a décor of a Bodhi-tree and an image of a Capricorn that reflects the elegance of Mahanuwara paintings. Head of the inscribed Capricorn décor is elaborated with a Bodhi-tree under a parasol. Upper part of the portico is decorated with standing figures of Vishnu and Indu deities and two monks (Siddhi Vidyadhara), who are potential of levitating, that carry lotus
and kadupul (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) flowers. The image of Indra deity, who
is figured exquisitely ornamented on an elephant, has four hands and the left aft limb holds a conch. Front arms are broken. There is an alcove in the center of the lumber portico. That was dedicated to enshrine the sedent image of Lord Buddha in Danakirigala.

The wooden stand and the colour layer of the lumber portico have been wrecked by neglecting its safety for about one year. Lots of academicians have pronounced various viewpoints about this historical antiquity that mirrors the artistry of our ancestors.

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