This waterfall can be observed alongside Balangoda main route while proceeding through Ratnapura-Wevalwaththa. The fall is located at the boundary of two small villages named Pagalagama and Amunuthenna. The streamlet called “Gaslabu Ela” is considered to be the root of Dehena Falls.

The stream that creates the 78 m high waterfall fuses with Bambarabotuwa River
in first hand and then friends with Kalu River.

As folklore indicates, a regional leader named “Eapa” has constructed a slaughter house in this place to punish wrong-doers in the village. First this fall has been called “Dedu Falls” as wrong-doers have been pushed down from the steep to death in a way locally refers as “Deduwela”. Eventually “Dedu Falls” has been popularized as “Dehena Falls”.

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