This vihara is located in a highland close to Kuruvita town in Ratnapura- Colombo main route. As the sacred tooth-relic was hidden in this vihara for security purposes in Seethawaka reign, the documentary evidences of the history of this sacred place were descended from Seethawaka era though the history goes further back even from Kotte epoch. In both works locally called ‘Rajavaliya’ and ‘Sulu Rajavaliya’, which are considered to be written in the same era, Degalgamuwa Vihara is mentioned as “Sabaragamuwa vihara”. This sacred complex is also referred as “Labujagama Vihara” in the great epic ‘Mahawanshaya’ and as “Degalgamuwa Vihara” in another epic named ‘Sawul Sandeshaya’.


Only little historical information has been uncovered by examining literal and historical books, ancient written records and Olas and through fading folklores with the limits of time, as unfortunately no excavations done yet in this sacred place.


The ancient vihara complex, stone gateway, two chronic staircases, a creeper designed stone altar, the sacred antique ragi mortar, which supplied security to sacred tooth relic once, and the Bodhitree and iron-wood tree that have been silent observers throughout the history of vihara exist today as immemorial remains of Delgamu vihara complex. Ruins of the foundation of ancient Dalada Maligawa and the outer prakara can also be seen here.


The reconstructions were done later on after Portuguese have destroyed this sanctum sanctorum, where the sacred tooth relic was safe and secured for 43 years. The ragi mortar, which provided security to the sacred tooth relic, is now exhibited in vihara complex.

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