Dewanagala is a gigantic rock located not far from Mawanella in Kegalle District. This abrupt historical rock is located right side of the main route at three miles away from Mawanella along Hemmathagama road.


There are few approach roads to reach this sacred Buddhist sanctuary. Dewanagala rock features somewhat like a face downward wok seen from a distance. It is said that Dewanagala has been designated in that particular name as it is secondary only to Bathalegala rock in size. Another opinion is that it has been named in memorial of second visit of “Dedimunda” deity to this rocky hill.


Dewanagala rocky hill was mentioned as “Duthiyasela” in the days of yore. It spreads over a large terrain of 72 acres. Dewanagala sacred sanctuary is a historic natural cathedral that possesses a high degree of natural aesthetic delight.

King Dhathusena (460-479 A.D.) alias Dasen has erected a vihara complex on this massive rock plain which would count 67 m long and 33 m wide. The old vihara complex, old stupa and the new vihara complex can be sighted in their grace on top of the giant rock.


An epigraph inscribed by King Maha Parakramabahu who kinged Sri Lanka in 1153 A.D., can be seen in the rock. The dilapidated old vihara complex would count 10.8 m long and 7 m wide. The 1.3 m tall bund also remains unto now.


The stupa is erected on a square stone slab made placing large stone slabs one on another, which would measure 1.3 m tall and 18 m long and wide. The reformed height is 21.6 m and the perimeter of the fetters of stupa would count 40 m. The new vihara complex is set up on a stone fetter made conjugating 4 large stone slabs that would measure 17.3 m wide and 0.6 m thick. The edifice is included with three stone door-frames.


6.5 x 4 m sized square shaped new vihara premises is built on three woody slabs placed one on another that are sustained by 16 monoliths. The sanctuary is flourished on the rock 1.2 m above from the ground level.


It is a significant that a lot of magnificently inscribed images and several recherché paintings can be sighted under one shade. A lithograph of the sacred foot-print is found from 50 m away from new vihara premises that faces Alagalla. The specialty of that lithograph among the other lithographs found in Sri Lanka is that it contains a smaller incision than the others.


A Bodhi-prakara which was constructed in Mahanuwara reign continued unto now remaining unharmed. The place gives a vista to an excellent view of several mountains including Urakanda, Alagalla, Balana, Devalekanda, Ramasarekanda, Balawathgamu Kanda, Rahalagala, Bathalegala, Vakirigala, Danakirigala, Unugala, Alpitikanda, Mahapitikanda, Kaduganna Kanda, Motana and Wedihiti Kanda.

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