This waterfall is located in Diyavinna village, which is situated 12.5 km away from Balangoda town. As Udawalawa national park is located bound to Diyavinna, wild elephants walk into this area in drought seasons.


Diyavinna Falls that would count about 63 m high rains through the range of mountains called Diyavinna Mountain by villagers. This fall origins in a beautiful area called “Kahatapitiya” in Balangoda. This flows at first as a thin brook passing several villages namely Kirimetithenna, Rajawaka, Nawaneliya, appears through the charming forest. Katupath Oya which is an affluent of Walave River that flows through Kalthota crumples as Diyavini falls and coalesces with Udawalawa cistern. One who travels across Udawalawa cistern can sight this waterfall at a distance.


Moreover, this cascade has a unique beauty. To wit, a “Naga” (cobra) symbol has been tilled in the middle of the cascade and in dry season it is clearly visible.


Diyavini Rajamaha vihara which is believed to be erected by King Walagamba is also situated adjacent to the fall. Besides Diyavini falls there is another cascade situated not far from this sacred sanctuary. Fields of neighboring villages are fertilized by the stream that draws water from the waterfall. Vicinity of Diyavini falls consists of a history that mirrors the human settlements based on water bearing grounds in ancient Sri Lanka


As this fall rains like a stake, this village was titled as “Diyavinna” meaning water stake. Thus waterfall too is referred as “Diyavini Falls”.

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