Maduwanwela Duvili Falls cascades in a misty spray is breathtakingly beautiful amidst by the forests of Kolonna Korale in Maduwanwela Naroangahamada. The falls is a creation of a branch of Andalu Oya, incipient from Sinharaja Rain Forest Reserve. Deviating from this main falls there are two other falls namely Aralu and Karalu cascading from the main fall, which can also be reached by descending further parallel to the river. Follow the road in front of the main entrance of Maduwanwela Walauwa leading to Kiathalabokka anicut passing Maduwanwela reservoir as long as 1.5 km until the motorable road ends and then hike across the green paddy fields and a bit of a forest to reach this beautiful scene.

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