Katugas Falls is in an attractive vicinity in Kospelavinna Gramasewa Division in Ratnapura. Visiting this cascade is easy as it can be approached along several routes. As the location of this waterfall is situated in a thick forest enwrapped with gigantic trees, this attractive has hardly caught the eye of travelers.

The water starts streaming from a small village called “Deiyange Gama”. Due to the integration of three small dams that can be seen in this place it is entitled as “Thundola”. Katugas Falls is generated by this stream of water that runs down through Kattadeniya range of mountains in Kospelavinna village. The latent beauty of this cascade, which is about 6 m high, is its wonderful flow through a stone ravine.

The place where the massive stream of water confronts the earth down at the bottom of the steep is called “Elle Wala”. Several other deep hollows that are very dangerous even to be close are there around “Elle Wala”. Likewise fertilizing the villages around, the stream of water flows down and ultimately integrates with Kalu River at Ratnapura Ayurveda Hospital.

This waterfall was named as “Katugas Falls” by villagers as this place was abundant in thorny thickets in the days of yore. The brook below is known as “Katugas Dola” whose thorny thickets can be seen in vicinity even today. In the rainy season water streams down rowdily and wildly. Hence, visiting this fall in rainy season would be menacing.

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