The Kendapath waterfall is located in Alupola Village that can be approached by proceeding on Kuruvita route across Hangamuwa from Ratnapura. Kendapath Falls is also referred to as “Alupola” and “Rathambalana”.

This waterfall can be introduced as one of the variations of Hangamuwa River which is originated from Rakwana Mountains. Hangamuwa River that runs creating beautiful scenes fuses with Niwi Eli River at Ginihiriya junction and then conjugates with the River Kalu. Though height of the waterfall is limited just to 20 ft. silver stream that swiftly flows down signifies the hear-delighting elegance of a waterfall. An endemic feature of this fall is its flowing pattern that creates a design of a Kenda leaf (Macaranga tomentosa). That is why it is named as “Kendapath Falls”. The prehistoric “Kekula” rock is also situated adjacent to this waterfall.

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