This waterfall is located in Bulathkohupitiya Regional Secretarial Division. Dolosbage chain of mountains gives birth to this cascade, which stands 14 m tall. Upper cascade of the fall that widely and straightly crashes downward mirrors the unseen beauty that covers with the solitariness of nature, though another small cataract interrupts its solitariness by creating a small waterfall adjacent to the main cascade. The main fall above pictures excessively miraculous scenery. The attractive is met by proceeding on Bulathkohupitiya-Dedugala route to Neluwaththa. However, the intricacy of the journey disturbs the bliss given by this natural beauty.


The upper cascade seems like a velvet paver in distance. One must be careful in approaching the attraction as the gorge that leads to the fall is terrifically meandering. Ritigaha Oya which falls down as Nalangana Falls later fuses with Kelani River.


The swiftness with which the fall crashes down and the height that seems as a veil of a hectic young bride make this waterfall named after “Nalangana Falls”. To reach this attraction one has to proceed on Wathupura that turns at the power-house workplace which is 6 km from Bulathkohupitiya.

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