This is considered to be the largest waterfall that can be sighted on the way proceeding to World’s End through Nanperial estate from Pambahinna adjacent to Belihuloya. This waterfall rains along a rocky plain creating three cascades. Height of the fall would measure about 37 m. Both upper and lower cascades are more enchanting. Waterfall is named after the Nonperial estate in which it is located.


Though it is really hard to reach the fall, beauty of vicinity avoids the sense of intricacy. Sometimes the whole area is fogged so as it has suddenly started to rain to mountains at higher region of waterfall. The cataract is finally fussed with Hirikatu Oya. This waterfall which is nurtured by the stream comes from Horton Place, can be viewed by the road.


Some scenes of the famous film in Sri Lanka titled “Sandeshaya” were filmed screening Nonpareil Falls as the background.

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