Pethangoda Park comes prior among all the memorials, when studying the history of Sinhalese chronicle in relation to Seethawaka reign adjacent to highland kingdom. The park, which is situated in Pethangoda Gramaseva Division in Ruwanwella Divisional Secretariat that belongs to “Thun Korale” in Kegalle District, sets foundation to lots of historical legends.


Pethangoda Park is situated in a short distance of 200 m in the Warakapola- Anguruwella road that deviates from Kegalle- AwissawFalls highway from Anguruwella Junction. Also this historical resort can be reached by crossing over the Gurugoda Lake that streams by Kanaththota town. Pethangoda Park which lays the foundation to lots of legends about Seethawaka reign that came alive after Kotte reign is located in the valley of Gurugoda Oya, a tributary of Kelani River. The terrain is affiliated with history due to the King Rajasinha I who kinged Seethawaka kingdom.

The historical sanctuary that continues to be significance since 16th centuary is situated in an attractive landscape adjacent to the main road. The rapport between Kotte kingdom and hill country was negotiated through this road. It had also become the track of association between Seethawaka kingdom and hill country. Considering the beauty of nature Pethangoda Park is utilized as a place worthy to linger and have a rest. The locality that is abundant with mountain passes was one of the favorite attractions of King Rajasinha.


The park was chosen as a recess of the King who was advancing to hill country with the intention of invading the reign after uniting the low country by defeating Portuguese. The natural sanctuary might have been used as a harbour too. The park extends in a plain land over 42 acres is prosperous with various species of flora. It is said that when King Rajasinha journeys back to Seethawaka reign from Balana area adjacent to Kadugannawa in hill-country, he has lingered at the park for a change and faced the tragedy.


In relation to one folk story, a poisonous thorn of a spiny bamboo bush (Bambusa arundinacea) in the park was pricked in King’s foot and wounded. The King became bed-ridden by being poisoned. All the redressed done to cure him were unable to save him from death.


There is another folktale about the demise of King Rajasinha. The King who has entered the park to rest has passed around admiring the environment. A serpent has stung his leg at the spiny bamboo bush. Poison made him bedridden. Most of the followers suggested bringing a royal physician to doctor the King instead of practicing a quicker medication. Accordingly they send a massage to hill-country to inquire a cleaver physician. Though a specialist arrived by that time the condition of the King has reached an irremediable level. Meantime, the antagonists of the King wished the bane and charmed the worst for the King with help of a famous sorcerer named “Dodampe Ganithaya”. Villagers believe that by so doing King’s condition turned even worse, incurable by any medicine. The unconscious King has been taken to his kingdom by a catamaran. A folktale unfolds that King’s poisoned leg turned into chark black due to venom. Then onwards that particular area has been referred as “Anguruwella”. It is said that on the way back the King had a desire to foot on earth and then the ferry was stopped beside the river bank and at the very second he foot set on earth his leg crippled.


It is said that the place where this tragedy happened was named as “Koravuna Ella”, and later it has become “Karawanella” due to the easiness of pronunciation. All these events were ended with the demise of King Rajasinha. The stories are woven into folk poems thus,

“Thus the King visited Pethangoda
Bane bamboo thorn struck his foot
Even everyone gathered charmed for
his recovery
The good name of King Rajasinha
thus erased”.

There is another folk poem which
gives the same meaning.

“Thus, the King has arrived
Pethangoda garden
Prick of the bane bamboo thorn
injured his foot
Charming of the gathering increased
the venom
Thus, the good name of King
Rajasinha extinct”.

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