After proceeding 6 km from Ratnapura town on Nivithigala main route, one can encounter the Mavudella village where the waterfall can be found in a short distance to left at the place named “Maha Palama” in Mavudella village.


Rajanawa Falls draws all its water from “Kabaragala” forest as a thin silver line and flows through the forest fertilizing it until runs down at MavudFalls Halinna village attracting nature lovers. Then concluding her journey she unites with “Weganga” river at Thirivanaketiya Ketakade. Rajanawa Falls which is 13 m high becomes fierce during the rainy seasons.


In the days bygone this water fall is called as “Raja Newa Falls” due to the reason that King Walagamba has used to bath in it. Villagers believe that royal ornaments have been treasured in a rock-cave adjacent to the waterfall and a golden eel has been there guarding them. Villagers’ sincere devout and pious feeling about Rajanawa Falls, which is a marvelous gift of Mother Nature, is significant in folklores.

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