This sanctum was bricked in Ratnapura district at the feet of Sripadha. There is only about 7-8 km from this place of worship to Sripadha court. The cold weather and misty forests spread all over the rolling hills enhance the beauty highlighting its holiness and cultural, historical and religious value. Thus, sight of Rathganga Vihara sooths the hectic souls of pilgrims and tourists. This sanctum locally known as “Punchi Dambadiva” is also entitled as “Asoo Maha Shravaka Budhuraja Maha Vihara”.


A sprout of holy Sri Maha Bo-tree in Dambadiva has been implanted in this sacred place. Rathganga Vihara, which proceeded as a thatched cottage, is now a splendidly developed colossal vihara complex. In the process, several sacred edifices have been erected including the world’s first colossal image house with the images of 80 great monks and 25 Lord Buddhas, the world’s first two storied massive stupa, the large chamber used as a Dharma-sala, which is spacious enough to sit 4000 devotees at once, the marble Buddha image that would measure about 4½ tons weight and recumbent Buddha image on Parinibbhana terrace that draws parallel to the Buddha image on Parinibbhana terrace at Kusinara Nuwara in Dambadiva. That is the very reason for devotees to entitle Rathganga Vihara as “Punchi Dambadiva”.

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