This wonderful bridge is seen by proceeding through Rookasal estate which is next to Deegala village at right side of Deegala junction in Dehiovita – Deraniyagala route. Roocastle Wire Bridge which runs over Seethawaka River is located in a 10.4 km distance from Dehiovita town. It would count 25 m long and 2.5 m wide.


This wire bridge is a marvelous creation which is famous among both local and foreign tourists. It is considered to be built by the British colonizers centuries ago. The significance of the bridge is that it is the only wire bridge that can be used as a driveway in Sri Lanka. Renovations have been done by Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council, when it was severely corroded. The picturesque location of the bridge gives the shortest way of conjugating Panawala, Pambegama, Hingurala Kanda, and Godagampala villages with Deraniyagala area.

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