Salgala forest which is a unique creation of Mother Nature is situated in Welhella Grama Niladari Division in Warakapola Regional Secretarial Division. It can be approached by proceeding 1.5 km turning Galapitamada junction that is confronted by 2.3 km from Warakapola town on Anguruella route.


Salgala is rather famous for its sylvan hermitage which is established under the guidance of adigar at Pindeniya and advocate; Sri Nishshanka in 1930. A land of 10 acres from 600 acres of the government forest reserve locally called as “Ketagilla Mookalana” is dedicated for this hermitage.


The historical background of Salgala sanctuary which is densely populated with flora, caverns and rock hills, traces back in timeline to the reign of King Walagamba (103 A.D.). The stone door that looks like a stone vestibule, which can be confronted after climbing the cloistered stone stairs at the entrance of the sylvan hermitage just as in Ritigala and Arankela hermitages, is endowed by the first Prime Minister in Sri Lanka, Hon. Mr. D.S. Senanayaka.


Salgala hermitage contains with 18 caverns designated in Sanskrit. Two caverns among them have been renovated inscribing drip-ledges and endowed to priesthood by two ministers of King Walagamba namely Mutaseewa and Mahanaga. Also Salgala is famous as one of the protectorates that have been used by King Walagamba to keep dark from Chola invaders. The rock named “Etha Bendi Lena” is considered to be where the royal elephants of King Walagamba were chained. Moreover, the place called “Belumgala” is distinguished to be where the soldiers of King Walagamba have done their sentry duties. This place might have been used as a security barrier. The attraction is capable of an elegant view of Sri Pada and Green Ocean in either direction. Salgala forest replete with historicity and sanctity is a dense eco-region of high bio-diversity. The number of local and foreign visitors, who come to Salgala sylvan hermitage for daily alms-giving, meditation and to study Buddhism, is increasing day by day.

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