Silogama Community Tourist Village, which is replete in natural beauty is a tourist site associated with Belihuloya Tourist Paradise. A program to accommodate lodging for tourists relating houses in the village has been actuated by Sabaragamuwa Province Ministry of Tourism. Especially through agricultural operations done in this village, traditional agro-industry that has been declining from us and rituals, language and mores that have been fabricated around traditional agro-industry could have been able to shield from eradication. Also most of the features that are generally discoverable in an ancient village still exist alive in this area. Especially, the paddy fields prepared according to terraced cultivation are picturesque and add more to the beauty of this touristy village.


Streams and cascades that flow down through this village escalate its natural beauty. The splendid range of mountains leading to Hagala and Paraviyangala at one side and Samanala reservoir at the other end of this village creates an exclusive paradise for tourist activities.


At the village travellers can have an enchanting view of Nonpareil area and lower part of the World’s End through comely Hagala and Paraviyangala mountains. As this village is located in intermediate climatic zone, it consists of a higher bio-diversity level. Thus, Silogama village is home to wide variety of fauna and flora.


Travellers who visit this village can experience various tour activities as bird watching, rock climbing, bicycling, boatridding and fishing. Also this village procures a great assistance for researches of natural ecosystems and explores of village agro-industrial life-style in Sri Lanka.

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