Duli Falls, which is 6.8 m high, is an eye-catching beauty that appears in eyeshot from Weddagala Kudawa village in Ratnapura-Kalawana route. The main canyon that proceeds into Sinharaja forest is Kalawana-Weddagala road. Hence it is not advisable to choose another approach to enter the forest. One standpoint presented by nature-lovers, who research on waterfalls, is that the waterfall in Sinharaja forest is not the real cascade call “Duli Falls” and the original “Duli Falls” is located in Neluwa area. However the fact that true “Duli Falls” is situated at “Kudawa” area should not be forgotten.


Although there are 12 waterfalls based in this densely forested natural sanctuary called Sinharaja, almost three out of them are named as “Duli”. Moreover, the river that gives birth to this beauty is a slip-way replete with deep cavities. Although it has been known as “Duli Falls” since age old days, some environmentalists distort this original identity of the fall.


Duli Falls origins form a small spring that locates 250 m above from where the fall starts running down. The sole of the cascade is known as “Dothalugala”. As the term “Duli” implies this waterfall indeed sprinkles a cloud of silver driblets created naturally when the stream splatters in the rocky plains. It is significant that Duli Falls, which is created by a fusion of streamlets born in Sinharaja forest, never dries up due to its river based orientation.

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