The historical brick-bridge constructed in 1832-1833 A.D. is located at the 89th km post in Colombo-Kandy route. It is the only bridge continuously used unto now among the five brick-bridges considered to be built in the days of yore.


It is very significant that though the bridge was built using bricks specially cut for this construction and not using any other mechanism to strengthen the bridge, it has never undergone any kind of renovation since then. This marvelous creation, which would count 70 m long, supported by four arches, was done under the British engineering technology. Mawanella brick-bridge was erected at the supervision of Captain Brown in the reign of Governor John Fester.


This exceptional creation has been bridge across “Maha Oya”. The other five historical bridges are the satinwood bridge erected across Mahaweli River at Peradeniya, the arch-bridge set up across Hingula brook the pontoon-bridge over Kelani River and the “Pilima Thalawa” bridge stood across “Nanu Oya” brook.


When paving the way to Mawanella Bridge, the workers had to undergo various molestations. Therefore, with the sanction of villagers permission of God to finish the constructions of the bridge in due execution has been made to build a fane near the bridge to worship the divinity. After making the vow, all the molestations have been terminated. In its train, the fane built can be seen at the right side of the route.

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