“Soora Saradiyel” might have used this rock to be safe from wild animals and to scrutinize the rival invasions afore. The documentaries that untwist the secrets about Sinhala Robin Hood are police reports written in imperial administrative period, news reports and petitions of mudaliers. The legends about Saradiyel declare that he had showed a morale and courage that surpasses the brawn of his own meager body against injustice and inequity. Lots of people have brought out lots of viewpoints about Saradiyel.


He has looted from British rulers and wealthy chetties and has ladled out among the oppressed poor in the society. However, he did adieu forever on 7th May, 1864 spending only 32 years as a hero of the poor.

This natural attractive is located in a 1 km distance in Uthuwana route from Uthuwan Kanda village not far from MawanFalls in Colombo-Kandy road. It is rather famous as the dwelling place of worldwide popular Soora Saradiyel who is known as “Sri Lanka’s Robin Hood” alias “Sinhala Robin Hood”.


The fabulous hill is 431 m high from sea-level. The gigantic rock on hilltop which is considered as a remarkable creation of Mother Nature, states the legend of sole antipathy against inequity and injustice of a brave Sinhalese.


At that time Uthuwana village was a blooming area of coconut cultivation. Using the sound “Uthu”, which means in Sinhala coconut, the area name was denominated as “Uthuwana” that declares the meaning, forest of coconuts. The limestone cavern that is considered to be the dwelling of Saradiyel can be met on top of the hill even today. The space in the cavern gradually falls short from stand hight of a man to a lesser space enough only to crawl. There are several high rocks on the cave and the peak of these rocks open up a clear view of the vicinity including Colombo – Kandy route.

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